Wednesday, August 08, 2007

for the halibut

Today I worked with a chef at a photo shoot for a piece for a magazine, and we got to talking about the process-versus-product thing. He talked about how, when he was in the local nuts-and-berries store picking up ingredients, he ran across figs and suddenly knew what he was going to do. How beautiful is that, to find a fig, and your day falls together? Passed a display of a zillion pints of blackberries and "wanted to lie down and take a bath in them."

He's at a pretty lovely place in his life. Just turned 50 and had a doc's appointment and carped about old man's plumbing and yadda yadda.

Meh. Fifty is the new 30.

Then again, I'm 43 and gimping around like I'm a hundred. This "living the life of the mind" -- i.e., sitting on my ass and writing and editing and putting out online fires -- is not living. I go home and stagger around or drive children from A to B, and sit and watch them do what they do ... .

I need a new relationship with my body. How to find it? I felt a real difference when I came back from the Galapagos -- I'd really used my body, hiking a couple miles a day, swimming (and freezing in 60-degree water -- surely that burned significant calories?), and I did feel fine. Ate perhaps a little too well. But I MOVED. And I lived.

I need to live differently. I'd like to live better.

Push that boulder up the hill.


oh yeah. That's real hopeful. So, back to where I started: Process. Being. Doing.


Turned the heel on the sock, and the fit looks like it's going to be beautiful.


Blogger Ann said...

Maybe the Galapagos are calling you to live a more vacation life? I'm not quite sure how it's done, except with mindfulness, less stressful work, good food, and lots of enjoyment of the beauty around us. I need a fig right now ...

3:39 PM  

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